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About Us

We are NATO Strap Collections (NSC): three guys, one girl, and a dog that have banded together to create a one-stop-shop for all of your watch strap needs. We are dedicated to bringing our customers the most extensive selection of NATO watch straps on the web with a focus towards dependability, variety and customer service.

Our Mission Statement

NATO Strap Collections seeks to be a leader in the watch strap industry by providing domestic and international customers with unparalleled customer service and an assortment of high quality NATO straps that are affordable and fashionable.

The People

Regular, everyday normal guys. We all met on the soccer field and became lifelong friends. Together we started NSC in September of 2015.

Tom - Director of Managing Our Money

Slow as molasses on the soccer field, but quick as a whip in the game of numbers. Tom makes sure the lights stay on at NSC.

Yosh - The Maestro

As versatile at NSC as he is on the pitch, Yosh has a hand in everything that goes on at the company.

Crammer - The Chief Sales Guy

Always all about the glory. As a striker on the squad, and the sales guy at NSC, Crammer uses the hard work of the team and steals all the credit for its success.

Wes - The Reinforcement

This NSC member overcame the odds and beat out nearly two applicants to be our first hired employee. Wes seems to be able to do anything. She's even starting to leave one the founders questioning if they are necessary to the company anymore.

The Dog - Snoop a.k.a The Kid a.k.a The Young Man

This furry little white dog doesn't do much at NSC. He naps frequently and is generally around for moral support.