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Fashion Trends: Interview with Instagram Fashionista 'Detailed Perfectionist'

We had the pleasure of catching up with Instagram philanthropist, watchgeek, and fashionista, @detailedperfectionist. With 12k followers and growing, his Instagram account gives us a glimpse into a life of luxury, success, and style through beautiful pictures. He was kind enough to share some of his fashion tips, and his thoughts on fashion trends in 2017.


1. What does it mean to be a "detailed perfectionist" in 2017?


For me personally, it means that you always pay attention to the details. This can mean looking for the perfect picture, the perfect outfit, the perfect way to handle a situation... it's all in the little things. 


If I meet someone new, the first thing I look at are the details: does he give a confident vibe? does he give a fresh and trustworthy impression? The first things I check are the shoes, the belt, and the watch. You can tell so much about someone's personality by looking at his shoes! All that is done before you even say 'Hello!'


Omega Seamaster Hermes Belt Valentino Shoes Detailed Perfectionist| Belt: Hermes | Shoes: Valentino | Watch: Omega Seamaster |



2. What is your top men's style tip?


Always dress as if you are going to run into your ex/worst enemy. Dress to impress! 


But, don't over do it!


You don't need to wear expensive stuff to look good! Kids wear sweatpants, and the really rich guys dress like clowns (I'm looking at you Floyd Mayweather). You don't need a $10,000 Tom Ford suit to look good, and you sure as hell don't need a full alligator jacket. 


Detailed Perfectionist Affordable Fashion


H&M, Zara, Uniqlo, Doppelganger... these are all affordable options! You can buy a shirt and a nice pair of chino pants for half the price of an Adidas tracksuit.


I once had a fellow student who came to an oral exam in muddy sneakers, sweatpants, an Iron Maiden hoodie and a baseball cap. He's probably flipping burgers at McDonalds right now. 


But of course, joking aside, the most important thing is to feel good in whatever you wear! You have to feel comfortable and confident - period!



3. What is the biggest style tip you've ever learned?


It's one my father taught me: women can wear make-up, jewelry, rings, necklaces, earrings; however, as a guy, you are limited to a nice belt and a cool watch so make sure you rock them! 


And sadly, this is True! A 'not-so-beautiful' girl can wear make-up to look prettier, but an ugly guy is just simply screwed. 


Vintage Omega, Champagne, Men's BraceletHermes Belt, Vertige Wallet, Men's Bracelet  Detailed Perfectionist, Hugo Boss, Hublot Watch


4. What piece of clothing/accessories do you invest in and why? (ie. Shoes? Watches? etc.)


I don't mind spending money on watches, because (if you buy the right one) you won't lose money. Buying $750 shoes kinda hurts, because you know they are basically 'worthless' once you step out of the store. (But that hasn't stopped me yet😉). If you buy a nice watch, the value will stay stable or even rise, so when you are tired of the watch, or suddenly need cash, you can sell it anytime without loss, or sometimes even with a profit!


Vintage Omega, Breitling Omega DeVille, Rolex Sub Audemars, Breitling



My grandfather has a golden Jaeger-LeCoultre he inherited from his father. The watch is around 60 years old, still works perfectly, and today it's worth a lot more than the original price.



5. How do you sharpen up your everyday look?


Socks, rock them socks!  Cool socks don't cost a lot, But they can give a cool twist to your outfit


Also, make sure your wrists match your outfit. A cool bracelet and a Nato Strap (@natostrapcollections 😉) on your watch that match your outfit will make you look like a million bucks.

Strapping a nato on your watch just makes it look and feel totally different! One time, my physical therapist told me 'Every time I see you, you wear a different watch' Nope! just the same old Seamaster with a ton of different straps.


Detailed Perfectionist, Colourful Socks, Audemars Piguet, AP Omega Seamaster, Nato Strap Collections Nato Strap Collections, Breitling Superocean




6. Imagine you open your closet and it's empty. What is the first thing you would buy?


An honest answer would be underwear, but a white formal shirt would be No.2 on the list. It might be the most versatile piece of clothing there is! Formal, at work, in a bar, with a pair of jeans, on a beach... nothing can beat a white shirt (except underwear of course).

Detailed Perfectionist, White Dress Shirt, Louis Cottier Watch


7. What is your go-to resource for style inspiration?


Mainly 'instincts', like 'mmhh today I feel like wearing...' 

To try out new stuff, pages like @menwithclass can give you inspiration, or simply walk into a Harry Rosen, Nordstrom, Saks or Boggi store.

Detailed Perfectionist, Men's Fashion


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