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NATO Strap Collections Product Review by Watchuseek Member

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At NATO Strap Collections we are dedicated to bringing our customers the most extensive selection of NATO Straps while focusing on dependability, variety, affordability, and customer service.

We wanted to get a review from a watch expert so we sent a few NATO Straps to a Watchuseek (the most visited watch forum site in the world) member to get his thoughts on the quality of our NATO Straps.

NATO Strap Collections - New NATO Strap Company Review

By: Jason Crystal a.k.a SteamJ

Full disclosure, I was given these straps with the intent of getting my impressions so I did not pay for any of themThat being said I'm going to give a fair and honest assessment of the quality of the straps from this new NATO Strap Company, NATO Strap Collections.

I picked out 3 straps and they also sent me one of their leather NATO's. They arrived very nicely packaged in a cardboard box with their logo inside a padded shipper. They also included a card that illustrates how to use a NATO strap. A nice touch and a very good first impression.

Nato Strap Collections Package Contents

First, is a 22mm tan camouflage strap that I picked out for my Lew & Huey Phantom. This is the first one I checked out and, I don't know if this is typically a term associated with nylon but it fits, it's actually very supple. It doesn't have any of the stiffness I usually find in a NATO strap. The edges are very nice and there's no fraying and it's very comfortable on the wrist. I chose the polished hardware but they also have PVD. Therin lies the one criticism I have in that I would have liked a brushed hardware option but it's a minor quibble. I didn't think I could find something that wasn't leather to be my go-to strap for the Phantom but I'm really liking this combo.

Desert Storm Camouflage on Lew & Huey PhantomDesert Storm Camouflage on Lew & Huey Phantom 

The second strap is a 24mm brown NATO with PVD hardware for my Uhuru Impi. The strap is a more standard nylon but definitely of a high quality. The stitching is all nice and even. The PVD is a glossy type and very evenly applied on the hardware. All in all another very nice strap.

 Brown Cargo Nato Strap on Uhuru ImpiBrown Cargo Nato Strap on Uhuru Impi

The last nylon strap is a 22mm black and white striped NATO for my River Watch Company Tiber with the polished hardware. Like the brown NATO the strap feels very nice and has even stitching with no fraying or jaggedness to the edges. Another very well made strap.

Black And White Nato Strap The Geordie Strap on River Watch Company TiberBlack And White Nato Strap The Geordie Strap on River Watch Company Tiber

Last is a 22mm black leather NATO with PVD hardware on my Damasko DA 363 . Here I can legitimately use the term supple as that is what the leather is like. The leather feels very nice and the white contrast stitching is a great touch. The backside of the strap (shorter piece) is slightly longer than the other straps so this could fit a much larger watch. All in all it's quite a comfortable strap.

Black Leather Leather Nato with PVD Hardware on Damasko DA363Black Leather Leather Nato with PVD Hardware on Damasko DA363

Overall this company is off to a great start and their prices are very reasonable. If I could make any negative comment it is, as I stated above, that I'd like to see some brushed hardware as well but that's small in comparison to the quality of the straps. I'd honestly recommend them.

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By Solimon Omarkhail

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